Product Updates

V.1.4 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 20.12.2022

Here’s what’s new with AstraHR v.1.4
1. Relocate without worrying about changing the address. Move-in silent.
2. Profile image is here to last.
3. Error messages finally do what they were supposed to do.
Dead Bugs:
We have successfully debugged our debug bugs!
And all of this was made listening Luje Luje Belin – Dafina Zeqiri
FOR Real

Released: 20.12.2022
1. User Profile – Now users are able to edit & delete the addresses added previously or while registering.
2. Profile Image – Uploading issues are now solved. Users can change their profile picture within seconds.
3.Info and Error Messages – We have updated messages throughout the app and now users will have a better experience while using the app.

Other Fixes include:
The request is created for the days that are in the past are resolved.
Adding a project with 7 numbers budget fix.
The cursor is now clickable all over the button.
Vacation days left change if the hired date is edited


V.1.3 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 04.10.2021

  • Company Teams – A new important module that allows you to separate the responsibility of some management tasks (example: Leave Days Management) to your team leads. The Company Admin can create teams with different roles (HR, Finance, Management). Each team has a team leader who can manage some management tasks for their members.
  • Multiple-level notifications – When a new leave or remote work request comes in, the software makes sure to inform all the responsible people. An email for the new request is automatically sent to the Company Admin, HR’s and the team lead.
  • Multiple-level approvals – Each team leader can view/approve/reject the leave requests (Time Off, Sick) or Remote Work. Also, the HR team can view/approve/reject all the requests for the company.
  • Company Admin Role expand to HR – There is no need to share your admin account anymore as the HR role might handle most of the company related tasks like adding new employees, creating teams, etc. By creating an HR team and defining the member, you provide access for most of the modules to that group of members.
  • Additional leave stats – A more precise stats about the time off available days are shown in the employees dashboard. These stats are also included in the HR reports module.
  • Additional leave calculations [only for Kosovo] – We have implemented a new mechanism that calculates the collected day off’s based on Kosovo’s law.

Other Bugs Fixes:

  • Better error messages description in different processes
  • Notes in the employee page are shown now correctly

V.1.2.1 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 31.03.2021

  • Public Holidays Show on the Calendar
  • Documents – Uploaded documents to specific employees can be seen now by employess to. Such documents can include contracts, performance review, etc.
  • Birthdays on the admin view include expanded list when more people have birthdays on the same day.
  • Project Module minor fixes
  • Vacation requests – allow for the employee to cancel request and get the unused days back.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

V.1.2 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 15.03.2021

  • Major Feature Release: Projects Gant-Chart
  • The Policies Screen has been redesigned completely
  • Expired / Unapproved vacation requests can now be deleted
  • Manual Date Inputs have been removed to accept only proper formating


  • One-day time-off request
  • Payroll Module Functionality in Progress