Product Updates

V.1.2.1 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 31.03.2021

  • Public Holidays Show on the Calendar
  • Documents – Uploaded documents to specific employees can be seen now by employess to. Such documents can include contracts, performance review, etc.
  • Birthdays on the admin view include expanded list when more people have birthdays on the same day.
  • Project Module minor fixes
  • Vacation requests – allow for the employee to cancel request and get the unused days back.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations

V.1.2 – This version includes the following updates
Released: 15.03.2021

  • Major Feature Release: Projects Gant-Chart
  • The Policies Screen has been redesigned completely
  • Expired / Unapproved vacation requests can now be deleted
  • Manual Date Inputs have been removed to accept only proper formating


  • One-day time-off request
  • Payroll Module Functionality in Progress